The API for Asset Metadata on the XRP Ledger. Free and Decentralized.
An Extension to the XRP Ledger

XRPL Meta provides the data that is not obtainable by the standard rippled API. It makes the data available through a JSON REST and WebSocket API, just like rippled. It connects to any number of rippled nodes and tracks updates in real time. Historical data is being backfilled.

Token Data

List of all tokens on the XRPL

Icons, Names, Descriptions

Weblinks for Infos and Community

KYC status, Trust level

Market: Price, Volume, Unique Traders, etc

Statistics: Trustlines, Supply, Whales, etc

Scam, Spam and other Warnings

Historical Statistics

Ledger Data

Lookup Ledger Index by Time

Get Fees and Transaction Counts

Historical Statistics

Time Series of Statistics

NFT Data

List of all NFTs on the XRPL

Full NFT Metadata

Content Cache and Relay

Current Price and active Offers

Listing and Sale History

NFT Support is currently in development.

Are you a token issuer?

Learn how to get your token listed on the network.

How to use it

Simply call the desired API endpoint by either using HTTP GET, or establish a WebSocket connection for high frequency / high traffic requests. All available methods are explained in full detail in the API Documentation .

Example Request
How Trust is established

Anyone can create a token and publish its metadata. The token could be a scam, and the metadata could contain offensive or illegal material. The way XRPL Meta protects from bad actors, is by assigning a trust level to each token.

No trust at all. Default for all automatically detected tokens.

The issuing account of the token has absolved Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or other identity checks.

Anyone of the trusted Tokenlist publishers has checked out the team and vision behind a token and deems it trustworthy.

Same as Level 2, with the addition that the Tokenlist publisher endorses the project.


The way trust level 2 and 3 are established is through Auxiliary Token Lists. These lists can be published by anyone, and are automatically scraped by the XRPL Meta Server . However, only the lists of trusted publishers have the ability set the trust level for any token. All lists are expected to follow the XLS-26 Standard .

Who is using it

XUMM uses XRPL Meta for displaying token icons.

XDEX uses XRPL Meta for all its market, token and NFT data.

Tweet or contact us at @xrplmeta .