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Your Token: Seen Everywhere

XRPL Meta is a service that provides apps with metadata about assets on the ledger. It allows token- or NFT issuers, like yourself, to self-publish details about their projects. This is done in a decentralized manner. This means: you own your data.

XUMM uses XRPL Meta for displaying token icons.

XDEX uses XRPL Meta for its token indices and market data.

Announcement soon.

Less Work for You,
More Clarity for Everyone

There currently exists no standardized way of publishing icons, descriptions, weblinks and other metadata about tokens on the XRPL. This project changes this. By providing a uniform way of writing and reading metadata, you, the token issuer, only have to publish this data once. And every app developer can be assured, that the data they are using is legitimate.

How to Add Your Data

There are two steps to properly establish your token on this network:

Self-publish your data

This is done by hosting an xrp-ledger.toml file on your token's website.

Gain trust from peers

Your first step can be to absolve Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

Need Help?

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @xrplmeta or check out the Frequently Asked Questions .